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    He released a statement apologising for the video, claiming he and his friends were "simply larking about".

    Objectdock weather not updating

    There are several reasons that the weather docklet may be having problems with receiving weather data.First, please make sure that you have an active Internet connection.You can by translating Nexus into a language not listed above! Not only being able to hold shortcuts dragged into it, the Winstep Shelf is also capable of displaying the contents of special shell folders such as the Desktop, My Computer, Control Panel, Recent Documents, and so forth...It's even able to display the contents of folders in your hard drive, which can then be manipulated via drag & drop as usual.OK i went to his site again his Dropbox) just a few minutes ago , and went to one of the Weather Gadgets i had used and liked (Weather F-C) , and clicked on it , again it only shows 2 JPGs , but i downloaded it , and when i opened it , 1 of the JPG's gave instructions to the Dropbox , but Gadgets like the Weather F-C are not there , just 4 of the gadgets (in the Dropbox) none of which are the "old" gadgets that i liked and used before they quit working , so that is what i was referring to when i said the Gadget was not there , the older ones with just the JPG in the folder are no longer available , which are more compact then the ones available now , though the new ones do give the things i wanted like Current Conditions , they are as i mentioned a bit bulkier by about double size When you go to the Dropbox and download the "new" gadgets , they have the and work , the ones on his site not have the and no longer work , that is what i meant , because when i saw the JPG's in the folder i never clicked on them till you mentioned that one of them contained instructions on where to go to get the "new" versions of the gadgets , i just knew the was missing and went no further investigating Sorry for the confusion in my earlier reply I am now having a issue with the Adni18 Weather Gadget (one of the new ones from the Dropbox that i downloaded) , for some reason , every time i try to go to Options and it does not matter if i right click over the gadget itself , or if i do it from the Icon in the taskbar , a pop up comes up and it says " The item 'adni18_The Weather.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved , so this shortcut will no longer work properly .Do you want to delete this shortcut *Yes/No* " , now weather i click yes or no , it will then open up the Preferences , the first thing i notice is the checkbox for Run when Windows Starts is not checked , even though i checked it when i set it up , so what happens is if/when i re-start my PC i have to go to my Download folder and re-install it , this happens with "The Weather" , and/or The Weather Status Gadget , i can't get the Start With Windows to work , this seems to be why it keeps saying the item has been changed , i guess , its annoying because i like the gadget , but i have to continually re-install it every time i re-start my PC Any idea's ??

    objectdock weather not updating-49

    )I just learned and then followed the instructions found in the JPG file !Icon Packager is a program that allows users to change nearly all of their Windows icons at once by applying "packages" of icons.A package of icons contains icons to replace most of the common icons on your Windows PC.Logon Studio is a free program that allows users to change their Windows 7, Vista and XP logon screens.I used to use adni18's Desktop Weather Gadget , but for whatever reason it no longer works/is discontinued , i have been temporarily using the Weather Channel Gadget , but it constantly crashes , i tried to get the Accu Weather Gadget but all i keep getting is some stupid download Zip program that i dont want , that is not the gadget , i cant find a way to just download the gadget this is the site and when you click on any of the download links supposedly to the gadget it wants to download/install some toolbar blocker thing and a Zip installer , that i do not want , all i want is the stupid gadget not all the other invasive crap What i am looking for is a small non invasive Desktop Weather Gadget that is small and will sit in the corner of my desktop , not take up the entire desktop to view the weather conditions/forecast , similar to or wishfully thinking like Adni18's gadget , this needs to be for Windows XP Any help would be appreciated .... Jim Try Andromeda Weather Gadget Standalone gadget, no software needed A great Redneck Creation based on the awesome Andromeda windowblind by v Styler the data are provided by Weather Underground and it's working in my XP s.p. Well that one works so to speak (no offense to the maker) , but the issue with it is , it does not constantly keep current conditions , so you have to click "Refresh" all the time which pretty much sucks and takes away what i was looking for , i want something like Adni18's Weather Gadgets that constantly give the CURRENT conditions at just a glance (i wish he would fix or make those work again) , i sat here all morning thinking it was still 50 degrees F and then i decided to hit refresh and the temp was completely different , so this one does not serve the purpose i wanted it to ,are there any others that are like this one and Adni18's that are non obtrusive and dont take over everything , but you dont need to click on something or open up a big tab (Weather Channel gadget) to get current or 5 day or hourly conditions ???

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